Group-Level Sponsorship

When you visit our event fundraising page at Chuffed (, you can see the donor levels on the right side. Among those six donor levels, the levels of $300, $500, and $1000 are apt for Group-level sponsorship, that is, for Group Co-Sponsorship of the event. If you give any amount of money that is $300 or more, your organization becomes our event’s Group-level co-sponsor.

The different levels of sponsorship

$300 – Friends

  • Donation amount between $300-$499
  • $300 level rewards
  • Guaranteed seats for three per day

$500 – Advocate

  • Donation amount between $500-$999
  • $500 level rewards
  • Guaranteed seats for 5 per day

$1000 – Guardian Angel

  • Donation amount $1000 or more
  • $1000 level rewards
  • Guaranteed seats for 10 per day

As to the number of guaranteed seats, please make sure that you (or any representative person at your org) register for all three/five/ten people respectively according to your donation amount under your name (or the representative’s name) so that we could know who are your guests on the each day of screening you are coming to.

And if you would like us to use your logo in the credit, send it via email (! We will put it on our co-sponsor page, event brochure, Facebook, etc.