Goodbye My Hero 안녕 히어로 (2016)


Goodbye My Hero 안녕 히어로

Korea  |  2016  |  111min  |  DCP  |  COLOR
Language : Korean  |  Subtitles : Korean, English

Director: Han Younghee
Producer: Chang Byoung-Gwon, Hong Ji-you
Cinematography: Han Younghee, Hong Ji-you, Byun Gyu Ri, Nungcool, Lee Ja-Hwan
Editing: Han Younghee
Music: Mikrokosmos(Park. Sang-won)
Audio Post Production: Midi ACT
Color Grading: Kim Hyunghee(KT&G)
Translation: Choi Jinah

Kim Hyeon-wu
Kim Jeong-wun
Cho Chang-hee
Kim Min-seo

Hyeon-wu is a school boy who wants to be as invisible as possible. He is filling in information in the school life report card with his father, who came home in a long while. His father is fighting against Ssang-Yong Motors for years to be reinstated. However, it doesn’t’t seem like his father’s state has gotten any better. Why would his father keep going without any promising prospects? We wonder what answers Hyeon-wu will get while he glimpses the real world watching his father.

There have been a lot of social discussions on various levels since the massive layoff at Ssang-Yong Motors (2009). However, the overall working conditions in Korea have not improved as much as expected. < Goodbye My Hero> aims to portray where we are in terms of labor conditions and cast light on workers under pressure of instant layoffs. The harsh reality of labor and layoff in our time can be reflected through the eyes of Hyeon-wu, whose father lost the job at Ssang-Yong Motors. Layoff in our society has become something that workers eventually acquiesce to, a tragic incident they would like to avoid if possible. There seems to be no strong social force we can rely on in fighting against those one-sided layoffs. Hyeon

2016 The 8th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (World Premiere)

안녕 히어로
Good Bye My Hero

 한영희  |  프로듀서  장병권/홍지유  |  2016  |  다큐멘터리  |  110min  | DCP
언어  한국어  |  자막   한국어, 영어
제작  연분홍치마

14 현우가 오랜만에 집에 아빠와 생활기록부를 쓰고 있다. 가장 난감한 부분은 아빠의 직업란이다. 현우의 아빠는 쌍용 자동차에서 해고된 복직투쟁을 하고 있다. 사람들 앞에 나서서 쌍용차 정리해고 문제에 대해 말해야 하는 아빠를 바라보는 현우의 심정은 복잡하다. 아빠가 복직이 되면 좋겠지만 아무리 애를 써도 상황은 좀처럼 달라지지 않는다. 아빠는 결과도 없이 그렇게 힘든 일을 하는 걸까? 이렇게 아빠의 문제는 해결되지 않는 걸까?

2016 8 DMZ국제다큐멘터리영화제

2014 영화진흥위원회 독립영화제작 지원
2014 경기다양성영화 제작 지원
2014 부산국제영화제 AND 지원


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