The Times of Our Lives 레즈비언 정치 도전기 (2009)

The Times of Our Lives 레즈비언 정치 도전기

Korea  |  2009  |  110min  |  DVD  |  COLOR
Language : Korean  |  Subtitles : Korean, English

Director: Young-hee Han, Ji-you Hong
Producer: Il-rhan Kim
Cinematography: Young-hee Han, Ji-you Hong
Editing: Young-hee Han, Ji-you Hong
Sound designer: Ju-suk Lee
Music: Eui-kyoung Choi

Hyun-sook, Choi

It is a documentary about Choi Hyun-suk, a lesbian politician dreaming of building a progressive society and her political life as a lesbian. It is also about the passion of her followers in her election headquarters who also pursue the same thing.

In 2008, a lesbian jumped into the world of politics!

We could finally dream of a better and happier world, supporting Choi Hyun-suk, a lesbian parliamentary candidate and sharing her vision as a social minority.

Why did she run for election when we all knew she would lose? Of course, there were reasons behind it, which are more valuable than winning the election.

We had so many things to say to the Korean society where the concept of progressivism is distorted and the human rights are no longer than mere written statements.

During the election campaign that lasted for 14 days, we could at least figure out where to begin with to bring changes to the world. We could also sense our strong determination to continue with our daring attempt and realize that it was only the beginning of our long journey.

This documentary invites all of you to meet this passionate story about Choi Hyun-suk and her followers in her election headquarters in 2008 so that this story could bring meaningful changes to the world once again.

We will continue to come out to the world in 2009!

Because she lives in a society where heterosexuality is considered as the dominant norm, Choi Hyun-suk, a lesbian politician, decided to come out. And for the same reason, many sexual minorities are still in the closet and struggling to come out.

This documentary attempts to show the noble coming out stories that continue to challenge and awaken this so-called heteronormative society by focusing on an openly lesbian politician, Choi Hyun-suk and her followers in her election headquarters.

Having faith that their efforts will turn out to be a continuous beginning for another step forward, we hope this documentary would become a proposal for making a better world without discrimination where everyone supports the lives of sexual minorities.

Coming out is a message of solidarity that suggests we make a world without discrimination together!

We support all the sexual minorities who decided not to come out so as to survive difficult situations.

We also support those of you who decided to come out through this documentary. Just like Choi‘s coming out, your coming out means so much to us because it is a message of support and solidarity that can lay the foundation for a world where more sexual minorities can freely come out.

“I want to make a world without discrimination with you.

That is why I am coming out to you!”

레즈비언 정치도전기
The Time of Our Lives

연출  한영희, 홍지유  |  2009  |  다큐멘터리  |  117min  | DV   |  12 이상 관람가
언어  한국어  |  자막   한국어, 영어
제작  연분홍치마  |  배급  연분홍치마

희망을 약속하는 선거 다큐멘터리
2008 한국 최초로 커밍아웃한 레즈비언 후보 최현숙이 국회의원 선거에 도전했다. 53세의 레즈비언 최현숙은 25년간의 결혼생활을 뒤로하고 48세의 나이에 레즈비언의 삶을 새롭게 선택했다. 다큐멘터리는 진보정치를 꿈꾸는 레즈비언 최현숙에 관한 이야기이자 레즈비언 정치도전기, 시작을 함께 만든 선거운동본부 사람들의 열정에 관한 이야기이다.


2009 11 서울국제여성영화제
2009 13 서울인권영화제
2009 퀴어영화제
2009 여성주간기념 작은 영화제
2009 창원여성노동영화제
2009 인천여성영화제
2009 제주여성영화제
2009 퀸즈국제인권영화제 (뉴욕)
2009 DMZ다큐멘터리영화제
2009 11 청주여성영화제
2009 1 부산여성영화제
2009 14 광주인권영화제
2009 14 인천인권영화제

2008 10 서울국제여성영화제 다큐멘터리 옥랑문화상 수상

2008 서울독립영화제작지원사업 지원


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