3xFTM (2008)


2008  |  115min  |  ColorDV  |  COLOR
Language : Korean  |  Subtitles : Korean, English

CAST: KO Jong-woo, KIM Myung-jin, HAN Mu-ji
CINEMATOGRAPHYLEE Hyuk-sang, KIM Il-rhan,KIM Sung-hee
EDITORLEE Hyuk-sang, KIM Il-rhan,KIM Sung-hee
MUSIC: CHOI Eui-kyung

Three female to male transsexuals, Jongwu, Muji, and Myeongjin, who were born with the bodies of women and the souls of men, decided to live their lives as their souls told them to do. Following these three men “who were born as men, looked like men, and had to become men”, 3×FTM reveals the hilarious and touching moments in their lives filled with joy and laughter.

“Jongwu,” who thinks he was born as a man,“ pays a visit to the market to buy a cooling vest before the scorching hot summer comes. The cooling vest is his must-have item which helps him survive the heat even with a compression bandage wrapped around his breasts while working all day on his motorcycle. “Muji,” who believes the most valuable thing in his life is friendship among men, cannot hide his joy after going through the breast removal surgery which he had desperately wanted to do for a long time. For the first time in his life, he is proud to take off his shirt, straighten himself up, and enjoy his freedom as a man.

“Myeongjin” decided to change his gender so as to live a better life. Although he was ready to live his life as a man with a legal “M” on all his documents, his life as a man in Korea turned out to be a whole new experience totally different from the way he imagined it would be. He got fired from the company for he graduated from the girls‘ middle and high schools and felt embarrassed during the physical check-up to determine whether he is suitable for military service. However difficult life may seem, he is not the kind of person who keeps complaining.

These three men told us that they are happy because they can finally live as “their true selves“ despite challenges and prejudices they have to face in the society. This documentary has become a trigger for them to get closer to their friends, families, and a wider range of audiences.

This documentary tells a variety of stories about “T” from three FTMs (Female-To-Male). They talk about similar but different dilemmas and troubles. The dilemmas that each person goes through holds social, cultural, personal, and gender issues that are not easily solved. They are fundamental questions on identity that everyone – not only FTMs – asks. (HONG Hyosook)


연출  김일란  | 프로듀서 조혜영  |  2008  |  다큐멘터리  |  115min  | 15 이상 관람가
언어  한국어  |  자막   한국어, 영어
제작  연분홍치마  | 배급  연분홍치마

대담하고 특별한 남자 이야기
남자야그냥 다른

태어날 때부터 남자였다는종우 더운 여름이 오기 전에 얼음조끼를 사러 시장에 간다. 뙤약볕 아래 오토바이일을 해야 하는 그에게 가슴 압박붕대로 인한 더위를 식혀줄 얼음조끼는 여름의 필수품이다. 남자들끼리의 우정을 소중히 여기는 터프가이무지 오랫동안 소망해왔던 가슴 절제수술을 마치고 벅찬 기쁨을 감추기 힘들다. 그는 평생 처음으로 웃통을 벗어 던지고 남성으로서의 가슴을 당당히 공개하며 자유를 만끽한다.

보다 나다운 모습으로 살기 위해 성별변경을 감행한명진’. 주민등록번호 뒷자리가 ‘1’ 바뀌어男子 인정받게 되었건만, 대한민국 남성으로서의 삶은 그가 상상했던 삶과는 사뭇 다르다. 여중과 여고라는 딱지 때문에 다니던 회사에서 짤리고 군대 신검에서 곤란한 상황에 맞닥뜨리기도 하는 쉽지 않은 일들도 많지만, 그렇다고 힘들어 투덜댈 그가 아니다.

사회의 편견 속에 고단함도 있지만진정한 자신으로 살아갈 있기에 행복하다는 청년은 이제 다큐멘터리를 통해 친구와 가족, 보다 많은 대중들에게 설레임 가득한 손을 내밀기로 한다.

블로그:  blog.naver.com/3ftm

2008 8 서울프라이드영화제
2008 13 부산국제영화제 와이드 앵글
2008 13 인천인권영화제
2008 34 서울독립영화제
2009 9 인디다큐페스티발
2008 대만여성영화제
2008 네덜란드 트랜스젠더 영화제
2008 스페인 바르셀로나 모스트랜스 영화제

2008 34 서울독립영화제 우수작품상


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