The Remnants 공동정범 (2016)

The Remnants  공동정범

Korea  |  2016  |  133min  |  DCP  |  COLOR
Language : Korean  |  Subtitles : Korean, English

Director: Il-rhan Kim, Hyuk-sang Lee
Producer: Il-rhan Kim, Hyuk-sang Lee
Cinematography: Hyuk-sang Lee
Editing: Il-rhan Kim, Hyuk-sang Lee
Sound designer: Yong-soo Pyo
Music: Eui-kyoung Choi

Ju-hwan Kim, Chang-su Kim, Chung-yeon Lee, Seok-jun Ji, Ju-seok Chun

In October 2015, the evicted residents who had imprisoned on a false charge of killing a policeman assembled in a place for the first time after the Yongsan Disaster six years ago. They had occupied a watchtower against unreasonable redevelopment policies and in protest against violent suppression used by riot police in 25 hours of their sit-in demonstration. Their colleagues had died from an unknown fire, and they became criminals. The delight of meeting again lasts only briefly. The ‘comrades’ rip out cruel words while blaming each other

In 2009, a fire broke out during an unprepared and immediate suppression and took the lives of five tenants and one SWAT member. Two Doors, the previous work, strived to reconstruct the truth of this incident from the police officers’ perspective and drew audiences totaling seventy six thousand, a record-breaking success as a Korean independent documentary film. It subsequently directed the filmmakers to make a follow-up work from the evictees’ point of view. This film, The Remnants, revisits the bare face of the state violence through the shattered lives of the survivors.

2016 The Association of Korean Independent Film & Video
2016’s Best Korean Independent Film Awarded
2016 The 8th DMZ Korean International Film Festival Best Korean Documentary Award and Audience Award
2016 The 21st Busan International Film Festival
2016 The Seoul Independent Film Festival

The Remnants

연출  김일란/이혁상  |  2016  |  다큐멘터리  |  130min  | DCP
언어  한국어  |  자막   한국어, 영어
제작  연분홍치마

2015 10, 경찰관을 죽였다는 이유로 억울하게 수감되었던 철거민들이 6 용산참사 이후 처음으로 한자리에 모였다. 부당한 재개발 정책에 맞서 함께 망루에 올랐고, 농성 25시간 만에 자행된 경찰특공대의 폭력 진압에 저항했던 그들. 과정에서 발생한 원인 모를 화재로 동료들은 죽고, 남은 그들은 범죄자가 되었다. 반가움도 잠시, 오랜만에 만난동지들 서로를 탓하며 잔인한 말들을 쏟아낸다. 동안 그들에게 무슨 일이 있었던 걸까.

2016 8 DMZ국제다큐멘터리영화제
2016 3 사람사는세상영화제
2016 1 한국반빈곤영화제

2016 8DMZ국제다큐멘터리영화제 최우수한국다큐멘터리상, 관객상

2014 인천다큐포트 최우수 한국 다큐멘터리 프로젝트 / SJM 펀드
2014 DMZ국제다큐멘터리영화제 최우수 한국 다큐멘터리 프로젝트


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